DRM - Impacting on Acces to Knowledge

A new website has been launched on digital rights management and how it
impacts on users of digital technology. See: http://drm.info/fsfe/why

Some other DRM references:


A failure in the developed world, a danger in the developkng world by Cory Doctorow
DRM and developing countries by Manon Ress

Apart from restricting or blocking access altogether, DRMs have serious implications for archives and libraries (legal deposit libraries in particular). DRMs embedded in works have the capacity to override fair use/fair dealing and copyright exceptions, block "text-to-speech" software for blind persons and restrict or prevent legitimate library
functions from being carried out. Archivists and librarians need to be aware of this when purchasing or acquiring digital works. Without the 'key' to unlock restrictive DRMs, access to valuable collections and cultural heritage could be lost to future generations!

hurips – 월, 2006 – 10 – 23 18:48