USTR 2006년 스페셜 301조 보고서


The Republic of Korea (Korea) will remain on the Watch List in 2006. The United States is pleased that Korea established the Copyright Protection Center and increased enforcement against institutions using illegal software by establishing a Standing Inspection Team. The United States hopes to see further efforts to update Korea's IPR
regime to keep pace with the digitization of Korea's economy and prevent the proliferation of unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, especially on the Internet. The United States looks to Korea to extend the exclusive reproduction right to cover temporary copies, such as those made in the temporary memory of a computer. Korea's National Assembly is considering legislation that would enhance protection for sound recordings transmitted over the Internet. The United States calls on Korea to further strengthen the relevant provisions of its Copyright Act and Computer Programs Protection Act related to technological protection measures and Internet Service Provider liability, to clarify the scope of the private copy exception and of the rights of sound recording producers over digital dissemination of recordings, and to extend the term of copyright protection for works and sound recordings. Although there has been some progress on IPR enforcement, including a series of court
decisions against businesses that facilitate illegal file-sharing, the United States urges Korea to accelerate its efforts to combat piracy of DVDs, computer software, and books, as well as to decrease street vendor sales of pirated and counterfeit goods and infringing activities on university campuses. The United States encourages Korea
to address its lack of an effective coordination system between its health and patent authorities to prevent the issuance of marketing approvals for unauthorized patent-infringing copies of pharmaceutical products. The United States will work with Korea to make progress on these and other IPR issues through the upcoming Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

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